PBN 101: Performance Based Navigation Essentials

PBN 101: Performance Based Navigation Essentials

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PBN 101 is an introduction to Performance Based Navigation.

It is relevant for training existing controllers (especially for ANSPs in countries that are rolling out PBN now and in the future) as well as new trainees (it is aligned to ICAO Doc 10056 which is the Basic level content aimed at Ab Initio students).

By completing PBN 101 you will:

  • Be aware of the background and implementation of PBN
  • Be able to describe basic operations using PBN, including the use of RNAV and RNP navigation specifications in SIDs, STARs and Approaches
  • Be able to describe typical scenarios including phraseologies.

Chapters include: Principles and benefits of area navigation, Introduction to PBN, PBN Applications, Future Developments 

Duration: approx 4 hours, with a 1 year subscription period.

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